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Happy New Year from Applanga!

As your apps grew, we did too. See what we accomplished in 2022 and our plans for 2023!

Hello from the Applanga team! Here’s to wishing you a very Happy New Year.

What a year we had in 2022! The new year brings new opportunities, new projects, and the chance to shake things up.

For the Applanga team, it’s all about creating the best localization experience and making sure you have the tools you need to complete your best work. We’re super excited about 2023. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look back on what we accomplished in 2022.

Applanga Growth in Numbers

2022 was our biggest year yet! As your apps grew, we grew with you. Being integrated in mobile apps used actively every month, we touched the lifes of 100s of millions of people. Accordingly, our servers were called billions of times on a monthly basis and in response we delivered terabytes of translations every week - to your integrated apps and direclty to your users!

Also on Applanga, we accomplished so much together last year. The number of people on Applanga grew by 49% YoY and all the new users together with the existing ones created a couple thousand more Applanga projects (55% YoY) and even more translation orders (105% YoY).

Development & Support

As a part of our 8 major releases, the Applanga development team completed 365 feature requests. These include requests for new features as well as improvements to existing features and functionality. The team also resolved over 1,100 customer support requests with a median reponse time of under 15 minutes - we were able to get back to you quickly on all of those support requests! You seem to be happy with us too and we want to thank you for the great feedback we received for our valiant efforts.

New Features in 2022

Our development team worked hard this year to bring you new improvements and features. Over 8 major releases, we introduced new functionalities so you can get the most out of Applanga. Some of the biggest efforts included:

  • The new Multi-Language View where users view, edit, search, and filter across languages.
  • The In-Place Editor which helps users update translations quickly and easily.
  • Workflow status updates for improved and more efficient review workflows.
  • The New Screenshot Editor so it's easier for users to provide context to linguists.
  • CLI-supported web live preview which provides the ultimate in-context solution for linguists and reviewers alike.
  • Updates to the existing design plugins so it's easier to migrate translations from design files to app strings.
  • And new order features like cloning completed orders, ordering by group, and filtering by orders!

2023 & Beyond

With a successful 2022, we look forward to 2023! This year you can expect us to continue improving the Applanga experience. We have a lot planned for 2023 and can’t wait to share it with you!

Upcoming Features

As we continue to grow and improve the localization experience, Applanga has some great new features just over the horizon:

  • The highly requested Branching/Versioning feature is coming later this year to help users keep translations in-sync with version control!
  • A New Applanga API with more helpful features to access dashboard-specific features.
  • An improved custom filter UI so it's easier to create and save custom filters.
  • New workflow status rules to keep extensive review workflows clean and organized.
  • And much more!

As we release these new features, you can expect announcements with helpful documentation. And Applanga Support is always here to help to ensure you get the most out of each feature. Have questions or want to learn more? Email us at!

We’re looking forward to another productive year with you! Happy New Year!

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