Review in the In-Context Editor

Create better translations by seeing exactly where they’ll be shown.

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See Visual Context in the Editor Interface

A translation’s visual context is important to get it just right, which is why we’ve made it easily accessible inside the editor interface.

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Find Each Individual String

A selected string can be highlighted in the app screenshot for you to easily find it and see it in its context.

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Make Adjustments on the Fly

When you navigate through your content, the screenshot panel will update in real time.

Representation of in context review


Doubles as Review Interface

If you can also provide translated screenshots, the in-context editor becomes an in-context review interface and you can easily switch between source and translated screenshot. The right language version is automatically presented based on what you are reviewing.

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Access All Screenshots

The screens list serves as repository for all your translated screenshots, as well as a place to manage and edit them. Search through your work or rearrange them at your leisure.

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Navigate Screen by Screen

Use your screen list to go through a translated app in the order users see each screen. That way, translators and reviewers can better understand where users come from and where they’re going.

Representation of in context review

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If you’re ever in doubt of how to use Applanga, simply consult our extensive resources.

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Straightforward Integration Options

We’re developers ourselves, and we wanted to create a tool that makes localization as painless as possible.

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