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Let’s face it: Translating an app, software, or game used to be a major pain.

We believe we fixed that. And made the process enjoyable for everyone.

Our Vision

Applanga was founded with the vision to make the translation process free of any boundaries.

Localization should not be an unwanted burden for developers. Instead we want for anyone on the product team to update, test, and improve translations at any time outside the bounds of app release cycles. We want developers to spend their time making great software. We want translators to have all the tools and context they need to deliver high quality translations in the fastest and best way possible.

Applanga's smart, in-context screenshots and over-the-air updates already changed how apps and games are translated. We want to improve upon that and become the go-to platform for all software localization use cases.

In 2018, Applanga joined the TransPerfect family of companies, giving clients access to the resources and technology of the world’s largest language and technology solutions provider while still retaining the personalized service and technical expertise that our clients expect.

Workflow Management
Web Preview and Review
Integrated Translation Service

Applanga is here to eliminate the roadblocks in the translation process.

SDK Draft Mode & Live Streaming
Localization at the Design Stage
Review in the In-Context Editor

Made for Flexibility

Applanga has the configuration options to fit into any conceivable setup and scenario. Missing a feature to make your process even smoother?

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Our Story

Applanga was founded by Christian Stanke and Steffen Römer and evolved out of a product that was planned as a mobile-backend-as-a-service for games, then became an a/b testing platform for mobile apps.

Steffen and Christian knew each other for several years and after working in the app and game industry, they met, had a few drinks, and thought about the toolchain they would want to have when starting their own ideal game company. As a result of these thoughts they prototyped and developed an SDK that was able to exchange native app and game content while the app is live and running.

The A/B testing use case never reached a bigger audience, but after a short time, people were amazed by the idea to use that technology to update and test localization content without the need of any developer involvement or appstore releases.

And, therefore, in June 2015 Applanga was created and very quickly got its first customers. From this point on Applanga is constantly extending its features for translation and localization QA processes along with the needs of our customers.

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