Continuous Localization

Synchronize your development cycle with your translation process and ensure that everyone keeps tabs on the translation and order status.

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Never Miss A Single Translation

Via the integration with your app, anything in need of translation automatically gets uploaded to Applanga.

That means what you see on Applanga reflects exactly what’s in your app—and it becomes the one place all team members can check for content.

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Translate Your App—Whichever Way You Want

Using Applanga, you’re fully in charge of the translation process; Do it yourself or use our integrated translation services from TransPerfect.

With all translations happening on the same platform, you have full insight about how translations are progressing and can leverage Applanga’s features to support and automate the localization process.

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Deploy Translations Directly

All translations can be pulled from Applanga straight into your build or pushed directly to your users. Our over-the-air updates allow you to align translation releases with your app releases—or to decouple translation updates from releases entirely.

Representation of translation deployment Representation of translation deployment

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Every Last Detail, Explained in Detail

If you’re ever in doubt of how to use Applanga, simply consult our extensive resources.

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Straightforward Integration Options

We’re developers ourselves, and we wanted to create a tool that makes localization as painless as possible.

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