Translate with Your Team

Great translations need everyone’s involvement. With Applanga, you can manage the entire localization team in one single place.

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Tap into the Power of Our Translation Interface

Translate right in the Applanga dashboard where you can keep track of the translation status and each team member’s roles.

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Get the Exact Scope You Need

Applanga makes it easy to pinpoint the exact strings you need translated—to make sure you’re working on the right content.

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Nothing Ever Gets Lost

Use the changelog to see the entire history of your translation project and restore previous versions if you need to.

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Track Each Workflow Step

Keep an overview of how your localization project is progressing by following up on each workflow right on the dashboard.

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Easily Access the Visual Context

Applanga matches strings and screenshots automatically to show you exactly what you’re translating. This allows you to understand the exact context of the user experience as you work.

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Avoid Redundancies with Translation Memories and Glossaries

Every translation conducted on the platform can be saved to a translation memory which in turn can be applied whenever further translations are needed. Collect the most important terms in a glossary to understand which ones need translating or should remain in their original language.

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Receive Warnings and Perform QA Checks

Applanga automatically flags issues such as missing variables in a translation, translations that are too long, forbidden characters, or missing glossary terms. If there have been changes to the base language or your translations are outdated, it will also notify you.

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Every Last Detail, Explained in Detail

If you’re ever in doubt of how to use Applanga, simply consult our extensive resources.

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Straightforward Integration Options

We’re developers ourselves, and we wanted to create a tool that makes localization as painless as possible.

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