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Integrate with the repository, build environment, or even directly into your app at runtime. Pick and choose (or even combine) integration options as you see fit.


Wide Array of Native Mobile Integration Options

Instead of custom integrations, Applanga offers mobile SDKs and prepackaged connectors for native mobile apps. This way, we provide you with the full localization feature set right out of the box.

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Supports Independent Translation Releases

Every time your app starts, the SDK inside of it connects to the Applanga cloud content distribution system to check for translation updates. If new versions are detected, it downloads the relevant languages, stores them, and makes them available to the user.

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Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI tool lets you synchronize your string files with Applanga directly from the command line, integrated into your CD/CI pipeline or your repositories. It’s available for Linux, macOS and Windows.


Applanga Rest API

Upload and download content, read and update workflow statuses, upload screenshots; With the Applanga API you can build any kind of custom integration or extend the other integration options.


Automate Workflows via the API

Use our API to solve formerly manual processes; Check on a translation’s progress, read and set workflow statuses. You can also create tags, or upload and download screenshots.

Representation of API Workflow


Collaborate with the Rest of the Team via the Dashboard

Skip the emails and tedious file exchanges. With Applanga you can handle the entire localization task from an easy-to-use dashboard.

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A Single Source of Truth

Applanga can serve as your single source of truth where all translation changes are tracked. No matter how many people with different tasks work on your app, it keeps all changes neatly organized in one place.

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Quotation Mark

As a former localization engineer at Apple, and as a CEO of Sound In Motion currently, I find Applanga to be the ideal localization tool for iOS apps!

Amir Harel, CEO – SoundinMotion

Our entire localization process over 20 languages with more than 400 members on our multilingual team is handled via Applanga. It works great for us.

Nuno Simaria, CTO – Hello Fresh

My experience with Applanga was nothing but positive: Their API, CLI and GitHub Actions tooling is excellent, as was their responsiveness. This is the most seamless and cost-effective solution for localizing software that I can envision.

Amanda Pouget, Senior Software Engineer – Tanium