GlobalLink Strings for eCOA and Digital Health

Bring all stakeholders together and use our platform as single source-of-truth. Since all work gets done in a closed loop, you no longer have to deal with silos, emails, and file attachments.


We Help You Master the Complexity of Getting an App Into Patients’ Hands

When you’re building companion apps for medical devices or CRO apps (client-reported outcome), there are different local content and submission requirements which need to be considered in the translation process. GlobalLink Strings and TransPerfect solve all complexity in one place.


Flexible Setups through Different Integrations

Set up your content whichever way you like: We understand that each customer has a dedicated, often intricate setup. That’s why we’ve designed GlobalLink Strings to offer maximum flexibility.

Product Team

Manage Just Your Core Application

Your development and product team manages just the core application content. These are the parts of an app shared across all versions, such as buttons or labels.

You Develop, We Handle the Translations

During the ongoing development, all new or changed content gets picked up by GlobalLink Strings and translated automatically.

Delivery Team

Create A Different Project for Each Study

Every study has it own project on GlobalLink Strings, allowing your delivery team to easily keep track of each respective translation progress.

Get Tailored Translation Support

Create translation requests and use fine-grain control to subdivide any translation order. That way, you can ensure all parts go where they need to go—regardless of how many modules, instruments, or questionnaires your app has.


Delivery, Review & Certification

TransPerfect relies on its GlobalLink Strings platform to deliver screenshot review. Using the review interface and GlobalLink Strings’ deep automation and integration, we reduce the number of review rounds and time per round.

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Create a Library of Content and Reuse It as You Need

With all your translated and certified content in GlobalLink Strings it's painless to deploy studies to participants, regardless of whether each study is deployed as a separate app or becomes accessible within the same one.


Get Best-in-Class Delivery Times

Turnaround is everything in this business and GlobalLink Strings keeps things speedy: We ensure a seamless translation and review process, all within the standard you need to go to market.

GlobalLink Strings Integration Options for Text and Screenshots

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GlobalLink Strings In-Context Review Interface

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Every Last Detail, Explained in Detail

If you’re ever in doubt of how to use GlobalLink Strings, simply consult our extensive resources.

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Straightforward Integration Options

We’re developers ourselves, and we wanted to create a tool that makes localization as painless as possible.

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