For Translators

Modern Tools to Make Translation a Breeze

GlobalLink Strings’ online editor provides all the context you need to create your best translations.


Powerful Translation Editor Inferface

The browser-based online translation editor has all the tools and features you need to translate an app quickly and accurately. Without lengthy training, anyone can start translating the moment a string is added to your app code.

Representation of the editor interface


Workflows & Notifications

As a translator or reviewer, you are automatically notified if something has been assigned to you. Just follow the link to see the details.

Using comments and @mentions, the entire team can communicate in order to track and resolve issues together.

Robot arm sorting workflow


Translation Memory

Every translation that’s been done on the platform can be saved to a central memory. Go back to that work whenever further translations are needed to minimize time and to ensure consistency across your apps.

Representation of the translation memory



Collect and manage the terms that are most important to you and your brand. Mark which ones should never be translated, which need explanation, and which terms should be avoided altogether. The glossary stores all that information.

Representation of the glossary


In-Context Editor

Use in-context mode to see exactly where a piece of content belongs. With the string highlighted, you can navigate between screenshots of an app to better understand the user experience. Need even more context? Switch to a different language version to see how the translation was handled there.


Easily Navigate Content

Search, sort, and filter content to see exactly what you’re looking for. You can also create or reuse custom filters. Meanwhile, tags and tag categories help you understand what parts of the app your strings belong to.


Fix Translation Errors Anytime

Even the most rigorous testing can’t eliminate every last error—and your users tend to spot them quickly. While you previously had to wait for the next release cycle to make changes, you can now fix a mistake that slipped through the cracks by yourself from inside GlobalLink Strings.

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Quotation Mark

GlobalLink Strings is used to provide and localize our application in over 20 languages and 100 markets. GlobalLink Strings meets all our requirements, and their team is always available to assist further where needed.

Localization Lead – Oral-B

It is crucial for us that our app content is accurate. We chose GlobalLink Strings because it allows us to make changes to our content and translations, which are available in our app within 10 minutes.

Tatiana Barrera, SPM – Royal Caribbean

Getting translations for our IT operations platform is typically challenging because of the deeply technical content. GlobalLink Strings lets us parallelize UI translation at the point of string creation and allows for continuous delivery.

Doug Welch, SME & Program Manager – Tanium