In-Context Editor

With automated screenshots everyone working on the translations has full context available directly in the browser

This article will show users how to create draft and target translations as well as how to edit existing translations.

Users can work on the bilingual or multi-language view. To learn more about the multi-language view, see Editor View Options.

After uploading screenshots to the Applanga Dashboard, anyone working on translations will have full context available directly in the browser. See the Working with Screenshots page for more details.

How to Edit Strings

  1. Click on the screen thumbnail to the left of the string to display the string’s position and context in the In-Context Editor (Users can also hover to the right of the translation border to display the textbox without opening the In-Context Editor)
  2. Enter the translation in the text box below the source string
  3. Click Save to set the translations to Draft or click on Publish to publish the string (set the translation as Target)

In-Context Editor - In Place