Security with Applanga

When you’re using Applanga, you can be sure to enjoy the highest levels of data protection and security, as well as compliance with all relevant security laws.

Data & Servers

Operational Security

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Data Encryption

We use the industry-standard encryption tools to secure all data you send to Applanga in transit. That way, none of your sensitive information can be compromised.


Server Reliability

The Applanga cloud runs on dedicated servers in EU datacenters and on AWS, ensuring the highest certified standard for data protection, security, and uptime.

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Regular Automated Backups

To make sure none of the data you entrust with our services is ever lost, Applanga performs automated backups of all customer data and stores the files offsite.

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System Upkeep

We use a suite of monitoring tools to ensure our servers are running without errors and around the clock. Uptime of the Applanga cloud is 99% and we work hard to keep it that way.

Rules and measures

Security Policies


We protect our customer data with industry-standard encryption at rest.

Information Security

Based on the guidelines of ISO 27001, we protect our systems and data with strict security policies that regularly undergo audits to ensure their effectiveness.

Physical Security

All our servers and data centers are protected around the clock by dedicated staff, with only authorized people allowed access.

Personnel Security

All Applanga staff have been instructed on our security policies and receive regular refreshes in training to stay up-to-date on changing requirements.

Access Security

We have strict protocols on who can access which data at Applanga. Our platform supports 2FA and SAML for authentication to make logging on to Applanga extra safe.

Independently verified

Security Certifications

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ISO 27001

By investing in the necessary tools and infrastructure to keep our data sufficiently protected, Applanga has obtained ISO 27001 compliance.

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GDPR Compliant

Applanga is based in Germany and deeply familiar with the rules required by the European Union’s GDPR legislation.

The Extra Mile

Additional Security

Development and Auditing

We do extensive code review cycles as part of our development process and before launch. Additionally, we perform security audits to check against known problems, such as the OWASP Top 10.

Supplier Selection

During the selection process of any vendor, we perform the cusomary due dilligence and ensure they meet our own high standard for security and data protection as we’ve set for ourselves.

Business Continuity Plans

We actively plan for the worst case with redundancy plans that eliminate single points of failure, component failures, or hacker attacks. Regular penetration tests ensure that the Applanga system remains running even in the case of major disruptions.

Governance & Compliance

We use a suite of monitoring tools to ensure our servers are running without errors and around the clock. Uptime of the Applanga cloud is 99% and we work hard to keep it that way.

Incident Policies

Despite all of our policies, we remain vigilant about security breaches or other incidents. We regularly review our policies and make sure our team knows when and how to report any system incidents.

Multiple languages

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