Q4 2021 Release Notes

Q4 2021 Release Notes

This quarter, the development teams been hard at work to bring you new tools and features! We're excited to announce webhooks, screenshot export, and a much needed Sketch plugin upgrade.

We also added support for toml files and ICU message syntax. Plus some overall dashboard improvements.

But that's not all! Scroll down to learn about more about what's new on Applanga.


With the new Webhooks feature, users can more easily interact with their Applanga project on the integration level. Users can configure webhooks to notify their systems when there is a translation change. The webhooks can also be tailored to work with the Applanga Github Workflows integration (check the Github Workflow example project). We support POST & GET requests, custom headers, different body formats, testing your webhooks from within the dashboard, and tracking the request history. Refer to the Webhooks documentation for more details.

Sketch Upgrade

Our Sketch users have patiently waited while we updated the other Applanga plugins. Well now the wait is over! The Applanga plugin for Sketch has been upgraded to version 2.0. The new plugin features give users more options to control how and what is uploaded from a Sketch project to an Applanga project and vice verca. See the Sketch Integration Documentation for more information.

Editor UI Updates

We reorganized the String Management Interface, also known as the Editor! String IDs, Source Content, Drafts and Targets are now structured in a way to help our users find what they need faster. For longer text, the corresponding source and target text fields will now automatically scroll along as you work on the text in the editing field. This ensures users see the relevant part of the referred text. Check out the editor now to see the updates yourself!

Screenshot Export

You asked, we answered! Applanga users can now export all or just specific screenshots from a project as Markdown (MD) and PDF. Users also have the option to export the source and translated text associated with each screen. Screen exports can be used as translation reports or to aid in the review process! Check out the Screenshot Export article for detailed steps.

New Design Tool Plugin Features

To help better manage uploads from Design Tool Plugins, we added two new features! Upload options now include the option to assign or change workflow status for newly uploaded or updated strings. Secondly, there is now the option to exclude untranslatable content from upload. Untranslatable content includes things like numbers, dates, special characters, Lorem Ipsum placeholder text etc.

Support for go18n toml files

We added support for toml files! Users can either import and export the localizable toml files manually on the dashboard or automate the toml translation process with the Applanga Localization CLI. See the supported file format documentation for more details.

Support for ICU Message Syntax

ICU Message Syntax is here too! ICU Message Syntax is now highlighted on the dashboard. There are even warnings when it is missing from translations. Refer to the ICU Syntax article for more info.

All Kinds of Search and Sorting Enhancements

Do you manage a lot of large projects? Worry no more! The development team added searching and sorting to the order page, project list, project view, and enhanced the search function in the Editor!