Screenshot Export

How to Export Screenshots from a Project

This article will show users how to export all or specific screenshots from an Applanga project. Users can export the screens as either Markdown (.md) or PDF. In the report, screenshots will appear in the order in which they were uploaded to Applanga.

  1. Open the Editor for a given project
  2. If only specific strings/screens are needed, mark the checkboxes next to the needed strings (optional)
  3. Click Export
  4. Use either Export All or Currently Selected Entries to limit the scope of the export
  5. Select Screen Reports (.md) or PDF
  6. Select the languages you wish to include in the export - there will be one report per language if multiple are selected
  7. Choose the appropriate Options for Export.
    • Include Base Language - the base language text will be included in the exported file
    • Include Translations - translated text will be included in the exported file
    • Only Newest Variant - if a given screen has multiple uploaded variants, only the most recently uploaded variant will be included in the exported file
  8. Click Start Export