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Q3 2021 Release Notes

Learn about new features and releases in Q3. There's new ways to help designers, developers, and managers!

This quarter, the development teams been hard at work to bring you new tools and features! We're excited to announce the launch of the Applanga plugin for Adobe XD as well as new features for the Figma plugin. We also added support for all 639-1, 639-2, 639-3 ISO Language codes and Custom Languages.

For developers, we're introducing placeholder conversions and enhanced CLI functionailty.

But that's not all! Scroll down to learn about more about what's new on Applanga.

New Design Tool Plugin for Adobe XD

The Applanga team wants to help designers expand their team's translation workflows with localization at the design stage. To help even more designers, we created a new Applanga plugin for Adobe XD! The new plugin works similarly to the existing Figma plugin. This gives designers the option to work with the design tool of their choice - Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch! Refer to the Applanga Plugin for Adobe XD documentation for more details.

New Design Tool Plugin Upload Options - Figma & Adobe XD

With the introduction of the new Applanga plugin for Adobe XD, we want designers to have more control over what they can accomplish by combining the power of design tools and Applanga. Users now have options to avoid uploading repetitive or duplicate content - this includes merging content with existing keys, merging new duplicates, and more selective content upload options. New plugin features also help manage the bridge between design and development - users can now rename keys upon initial upload. See the Applanga plugin for Adobe XD or Figma documentation for more details.

Support for all ISO Languages & Option for Custom Languages

Does your app need translations into many different languages and dialects? We have you covered! Applanga supports translations into all ISO languages. In addition to support for all ISO languages, Applanga also allows users to create custom languages for translations. Refer to the Adding Languages article for more details.

Placeholder Conversion (for iOS & Android SDK and CLI)

Placeholder conversion helps our users manage projects with integrations to multiple platforms. If you need to easily share your translations between these platforms and you don’t want to maintain a set of keys or even a separate project for each platform just for a couple of values that carry platform-specific variables, then our placeholder conversion can help. Placeholder conversion can be used with our manual export, CLI integration, and both the Android and iOS SDKs. See the Placeholder Conversion article for more info.

New CLI Functionality

Welcome to the new and improved Applanga CLI functionality! We’ve upgraded our CLI features to include some of the most frequent tasks. Applanga CLI users can now map languages from an app to the Applanga dashboard. Users can also upload strings with an array of tags instead of just one tag, push OR pull blocks, and run a script to quickly update the Applanga Settingsfile before an app release.

New Linking UI and UX

The new linking interface helps keep your repetitive entries organized. With updates to linking, all linked keys inherit both translations and metadata of the main entry and any changes made to the main entry propagate down to the linked entries. Need more information? See our Linking Strings article for a detailed guide.

New Order History and Communication

Need more context around your orders? Confused about how or when an order changed? Worry no more with the new order history feature! Track order changes, make comments, and communicate with your Transperfect Translations Team directly from the order page to improve your translation workflows.

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