Translation Order Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot the most common issues with orders

A source string which is currently included in an order has been updated. Will these updates be reflected in the existing order?

Once an order has been created, any changes made to the source string values are NOT added to the order. If you need to include these changes to an order, there are three options:

  • If the original order is not yet in the processing status, you can cancel it and create a new one. The new order will capture the updated source content.
  • If the order is already in the processing status, you can wait until it is completed and submit a follow up order to include Outdated Translations.
  • If the translations cannot be delayed, you can create new entries in the project for those updated strings and create a separate order. See the Cloning Strings article for more information.

I have created a new order and selected the target languages, but the word count is 0. Why?

If an order word count is zero and you are unable to create an order, it could be that none of the strings meet the order’s selection criteria OR that all the strings within the selection criteria are already included in another open order.

All strings with “in Order” status are automatically excluded from new orders. You can find out if you have any open orders in the Orders page or by the progress indicator in the project overview.

The progress indicator (marker A) will be blue when there are ongoing orders for that language. Additionally, if you hover over a target language, the progress bar will be replaced by a several counters. The blue counter shows the number of entries that are currently in an open order (marker B).

If no strings match the selection criteria for the order, users should update the criteria in the Select Strings panel of the order page.

How can I view the strings from a specific order in the editor view?

There is a simple way to look up which strings belong to a specific order. From the editor view, open the funnel filter and click on Orders (see screenshot below). A list of all the orders in that project will open up, and users can click on any order number to display only those strings that belong to it.

How can I see the difference between a translation delivery and the translation in my project?

There are two ways to view changes made to a string or set of strings:

  • If you want to find out which changes have been applied to a given string, you can view the change log in the editor view.
  • If you want to know which changes have been made to a set of strings inside an order, you can download the diff file from the order overview (see screenshot below).

How can I cancel an order?

Users can only cancel an order when it is in "Quote Requested" or "Accepted" status. To cancel it, navigate to your order and click on the cancel button in the Summary field.

If you wish to cancel only some of the languages in the order, please contact or your TransPerfect Translations Services team.

If you wish to cancel an order after it has started processing, please reach out to your TransPerfect Translations services team.