Applanga Webinar - Branching

Missed our Branching webinar? Watch the recording on YouTube!

Introducing the new Applanga Branching Feature! This brand new feature empowers teams to improve collaboration and streamline localization workflows like never before. You can now easily mirror your local environment in Applanga providing you with enhanced flexibility and efficiency in managing your projects.

With Branching, teams can work on multiple branches in parallel, without interfering with each other’s work. On the Applanga project dashboard, you can effortlessly switch between different Branches, create new Branches, and merge 2 Branches into each other.

Watch the recording of the Branching webinar and you'll learn:

  • How to create new branching projects
  • How to migrate an existing project to branching
  • How to manage your project’s branches
  • Branching considerations and common use cases

See our Branching documentation to learn more.

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