Cloning Strings

Cloning Strings on the Applanga Dashboard

This Article will show users how to create clones of existing strings. Cloning a string will copy its source value, the translations for all languages, tags, and all its metadata to the newly cloned string. Strings can only be cloned one at a time. Users can clone strings in the Applanga Dashboard to replace deprecated string IDs, to update string ID names, and to easily copy all data associated with one string to another.

How to Clone Strings

  1. Open a project and navigate to the String Management Interface
  2. Hover over the key
  3. Click on the clone icon

  1. If needed, update the Cloned ID (this value defaults to the original source ID and adds “_copy”)
  2. Mark the Tag With checkbox to remove existing tags or add new tags
    • Users can also create new tags within the Clone String pop-up by entering the new tag name in the tag search bar, clicking Create, then click Apply.
  3. Click Clone

  • (Optional) Users can also link a cloned string with its origin. To accomplish this, check the Link keys after cloning checkbox to link the newly cloned key.

    Users can also set the Source Key (existing) or Cloned Key(new) as the master in the Clone String dialog.

To learn more about Linking on Applanga please see the Linking Strings documentation.