Project Settings

Configure your projects in the Applanga Dashboard

This article will explain the options included in Project Settings. Users can access the Project Settings from the project page.

The following settings are available for updates:

  • Change the name of the Project
  • Change the Base Language of the Project
  • Assign another Team to the Project (to switch a project to a new team, both the old and the new team MUST have the same custom workflow statuses).
  • Import backups and create manual backups
  • Disabled/Enable "Collect Missing IDs enabled" to prevent the SDK from uploading strings automatically
  • Disable/Enable the Draft Mode
  • Enable/Disable Groups
  • Add additional metadata fields
  • Add custom Tag categories
  • Use the String ID Validation feature to enforce forbidden characters in both string ID names and within string values (Draft and Target)
  • Retrieve the project’s API key and optionally limit the ability to upload to this project via the API to certain IPs
  • Configure and manage webhooks
  • Integrate a Jira instance
  • Sync content from another project with the one currently selected