What is a Team?

What is a Team on Applanga

This article will show users how to best utilize Applanga teams to manage team members involved in app translation workflows.

What is a Team?

To manage access to projects and help organize translation workflow permissions, Applanga users are organized into Teams. A Team can contain a set number of unique users but every user can be a member of multiple teams. The number of unique users on a Team is based on the subscription of the Team’s Owner. The number of Teams is not limited.

Any users assigned to a Team will have access to all projects associated with the Team. The type of access and permissions for a given team member are based on the user role.

Many Applanga features reside at the Team level. Projects, Translation Memory, and user groups are all managed at the team level. When a new project is created a team must be assigned. If a user does not have a team, one will automatically be created.

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