Why Choose Applanga Over Other App Localization Tools

Why Choose Applanga Over Other App Localization Tools

Finding a localization tool can be a lot like buying a good suit. You have a few options where to go: the run-of-the-mill clothing store, the giant megaplex shopping center or the local tailor business down the road. Now there’s probably nothing wrong with the suits at the run-of-the-mill clothing store - a few different selections, probably a manager walking around who can recommend something a bit more than you hoped to spend. The megaplex has cheaper options but bought in bulk with no one around to answer your questions. And then there’s that local guy. He can offer you fair-priced, fitted suits, and because he focuses his business on suits, he can tell you all about the fineness of the fabric, varieties and how to care for the suit all while giving top-notch service.

Which option would you choose? Applanga is…

More personal
Applanga is unlike other app localization tools in that we handle all tasks assigned personally. We have our own internal team of translators that are skilled in a variety of different industries and specific fields including gaming, medical, etc. Unlike other companies, we can put you directly in contact with a translator to ensure the best possible terminology management and end result. We are big enough to get you the quality service and features you need yet small enough to give care about and understand each customer's goals and needs.

More specialized
Unlike other companies that offer localization services for a wide variety of projects, the team at Applanga specializes entirely on apps. New technology updates, emerging trends, tips, tricks and hacks are constantly researched and considered to complement the tool. Competing localization tools try to expand their grasp of the tech industry by announcing copy-cat versions of their technologies for other areas, such as website localization. By centering our focus on app localization, you know that we can give you the final word on all things "app." Let's be honest, it's in our name.

Big companies love to sell packages - packages that tend to include additional features that you may or may not end up using. Applanga is different. If you already have a localization workflow in place, and just need help with localizing an app, that’s totally fine - we allow customers to decide who and how they translate their projects. Our goal at Applanga is to make app localization easier by providing alternatives – not a replacement. We complement many existing localization teams by filling in areas where they could’ve used some help.

Here’s a big one – Applanga gives your budget some breathing room. You get more bang for your buck in contrast to other large-scale localization companies or tools that claim to offer a similar service. Applanga supports multiple different platforms along with individualized customer support. Our billing model is geared toward success, so the price of our product depends completely on how many people are using your app. Don't risk localization expenses without being confident that targeted users will love the localized content.

Easy to use
Last but definitely not least, Applanga is really, really easy to use. Engineers, project managers and translators require no training before jumping in and making use of all the intuitive dashboard's features. Should a question arise, Applanga's help support is fast and reliable to get you up and running quickly.