2024: What's in Store for Applanga

Curious to know what are our plans for Applanga in 2024? Learn more about what's to come and what we achieved in 2023!

2024: What's in Store for Applanga

As we leave the first month of the year behind us, we would like to share a small preview of what’s to come in 2024 with you. As we do, we also want to look back to 2023 for a crisp recap.

Embracing Workflow Automation

At Applanga, we are dedicated to supporting businesses of all kinds. Our primary focus has always been understanding our customers' unique localization needs and providing solutions to streamline their processes while ensuring the highest translation quality.

Among all the industries we work with, we have had the opportunity to help businesses in highly regulated sectors, like eCOA and digital health, which often require extensive and complex localization workflows. Teams that handle regulated content can already use Applanga to simplify some of these localization tasks, but this year we decided to take a leap forward and intensify our efforts on automating and simplifying them even more. Accordingly, on our roadmap we have a bunch of features that will streamline the screenshot review process, as well as new and extended integration options that will help with screenshot automation and upload.

Although this will benefit all types of users, those that handle the localization of large amounts of content into multiple languages will be interested to hear about this: we will introduce Tasks and Automations. We understand that managing content and distributing tasks amongst different teams can be cumbersome and repetitive, so we want to help users by simplifying the handover process and overall reducing the time that teams dedicate to workflow management.

Side-by-Side Screenshot View: A Game-Changer for Reviewers

Now, we know this one will make some of you very happy: this year we’ll release our Side-by-Side solution, which will allow users to effortlessly review their app content while the original and translated screenshots are displayed side by side. With this new feature, linguists can easily view and compare screens as they navigate through the content. Whether you're fine-tuning translations or ensuring consistency across screens, we are sure this feature will be a complete success amongst our users!

AI-Driven Quality and Efficiency

In 2024, another one of our major initiatives will be the integration with GlobalLink Now, the AI machine translation technology of TransPerfect. Up until now, it was possible to apply machine translation to multiple strings at once via our Editor view, but the machine translation output came from generic commercial engines. Some of you asked if it was possible to customize and train engines or to bring your own to Applanga, and we heard you. With the GlobalLink Now integration, teams will be able to easily translate large volumes of content through the secure and controlled environment of the Portal, which offers a big range of robust neural machine translation engines.

What’s more, teams will be able to easily complete certain steps of their localization workflow by combining the use of our AI portal integration and our workflow automation solution, therefore ensuring the delivery of the highest quality translations in the shortest possible timeframe.

Continuous Enhancement of Existing Features and Integrations

We're committed to continuously improving our existing dashboard features and integrations. Your feedback is crucial to us and we're dedicated to refining and upgrading our solution to meet your evolving needs. Among the improvements we’ll unveil throughout the upcoming year, you can expect new functionalities in our dashboard, such as improvements to our search functionality and custom filters, as well as improvements to our SDK, API, and CLI integration options as well as the design tool plugins for Figma and Co.

What We did in 2023

Last but not least, we wanted to take a moment to look back at what our team achieved in 2023. The list is extensive, but we didn't want to leave anything out!

  • Our branching feature, which allows teams to mirror their development environment and maintain different versions of the same content within the same project
  • New API that automates the creation of translation orders, skipping the need to log into the dashboard
  • New custom filters to combine multiple criteria and fine-tune your search
  • Workflow status rules to automatically update string statuses when you edit them
  • Personal Access Token to easily identify which developers in your team have pushed or pulled content from Applanga
  • Design tool plugin improvements
  • Ability to create orders via the design tool plugins
  • Removal of trailing and leading whitespaces or the formatting information during the upload
  • Conversion of string variables into placeholders during the upload/download process
  • Our dashboard got a revamp!
  • Github actions that streamlined the integration process with GitHub, making it possible to configure the integration end-to-end via the Applanga dashboard
  • New SwiftUI SDK
  • Custom language fallback logic for our SDKs.

Looking Forward to What’s to Come

2023 was a year of growth and progress for Applanga, as our team grew, so did our tool. And 2024 is shaping up to be even more exciting; we're not just developing features, we're building experiences that resonate with your needs. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our journey!

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