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Applanga is now GlobalLink Strings

Why are we changing the name, what changes, and what stays the same

Embracing A New Era

We are delighted to share some exciting news about our journey forward. As you might know, Applanga has been part of the TransPerfect family for nearly 5 years now as well as one of the technologies of the TransPerfect GlobalLink suite.

Today, Applanga will become GlobalLink Strings.

We have always been committed to innovation, excellence, and providing the best solutions to our customers and none of that will change. Many already use our technology in concert with other GlobalLink technologies and going forward there will be even more and tighter integrations across them.

Why Rebrand?

Becoming part of TransPerfect and GlobalLink marked a significant milestone in our journey as a company, adding our technical capabilities to the resources, expertise, and global reach that TransPerfect stands for. The rebranding now marks a transition aimed at promoting our identity as part of and integrated with the GlobalLink ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a more seamless and enhanced user experience, especially in scenarios where multiple GlobalLink technologies are deployed to solve wide-ranging enterprise use cases.

What’s Changing?

  1. Brand Identity: Our name and logo will change from Applanga to GlobalLink Strings (or GL Strings for short). This new identity emphasizes how we are part of a unified vision and technology platform. You’ll see this change on our website, app, and all of ours and TransPerfect's communication channels.

    The rebranding process will occur in several phases over the next few months. Today, with this first wave, we focus on our website and web application, adjusting names, logos, and colors. In the next wave, we will be looking at more secondary URL and links all over our platform and website and update our design tool and Chrome plugins.

  2. User Interface (UI): The UI of the dashboard and other components like our design tool plugins will transform to align with the corporate GlobalLink design system. This means a more intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to enhance your overall experience. Expect a more unified look when using GlobalLink Strings alongside other GlobalLink technologies. You can expect cohesive color schemes and consistent branding elements that resonate with the GlobalLink identity.

  3. Brand Look and Feel: Our marketing materials, website, and other customer-facing platforms will adopt the corporate’s branding guidelines. This ensures a unified and professional look across all touch points, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and consistency.

What’s Staying the Same?

  1. Functionality and Performance: All our integrations, APIs, and core functionalities will remain the same. Your workflows and processes will continue to operate seamlessly. We understand the importance of reliability, and our top priority is to ensure that your operations are never disrupted.

    While there will be a new domain,, the old Applanga domains will remain available for an extended time to ensure all of our current users can still reach their GlobalLink Strings projects the way they are used to.

    To ensure there is no impact on any existing integrations, many of the low-level technical structures like API routes or SDK method names will keep the Applanga naming conventions. We will update our technical and integration documentation to provide this background to new and existing clients in an effort to minimize the potential for confusion.

  2. Customer Support: Our dedicated support team will continue to provide the high level of service you have come to expect. We are here to assist you through this transition and beyond, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and effectively. The people you are used to working with stay the same and there will be no interruptions in service delivery.

  3. Innovation and Excellence: Our commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch solutions remains unchanged. With the support of our parent company, we are more equipped than ever to drive advancements and provide you with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Looking Ahead

This rebranding is more than just a visual change; it represents our growth and evolution as part of a larger, dynamic entity. We are excited about the new opportunities this brings and are confident that this alignment will enhance the value we deliver to you, our customers, and partners.

We appreciate your continued trust and support as we embark on this new chapter. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

Thank you joining us on our journey.

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