Localization is tough - get your major challenges out of the way

“Getting strings from the code to the translators and back is taking up hours and hours of my time.”
  • Upload stings automatically and continuously from the source code.
  • Send live updates straight from the dashboard to your users.

How it works:
After integrating an SDK, strings will be uploaded to the Applanga dashboard continuously. Approved translations will be visible to your users within minutes.

"I would estimate that we became up to 10 times faster in our localization process since we started using Applanga."
- Kasper Munck, Senior iOS Engineer LunarWay
“Translators don’t deliver top quality and going back and forth between translators, managers and engineers is frustrating.”
  • Upload screenshots of each screen / scene automatically.
  • Attach screenshots to each string for full understanding of context.
  • Integrate workflows, provide feedback and flag strings within the dashboard.
"As a former localization engineer at Apple, and as a CEO of Sound In Motion currently, I find Applanga to be the ideal localization tool for iOS apps."
- Amir Harel, CEO Sound in Motion App
“Waiting for the developers to build test versions for QA delays our process.”
  • Applanga draft mode enables everybody with the draft mode key and a smartphone to perform basic QA.
  • Create screenshots of your app on various smartphone sizes and operating systems within the browser.
  • Invite your team and to click through and review the app straight from their laptops.
"Our entire localization process for 15 languages with more than 100 members on our multilingual team is handled via Applanga. It works great for us."
- Nuno Simaria, CTO HelloFresh

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