Mobile App Translation No Coding

Fits Into Any Infrastructure

Without any adaptation of your app and after a painless integration, the content on the Applanga platform is always in sync. Your development workflows are relieved from any efforts you previously had with localization related tasks

Supported Platforms

Applanga comes with a range of drop-in connectors that are easily integrated into your app and game translation processes

Integrates With All Parts of Your App

Apps contain broad ranges of different elements that need to be translated, follow different design philosophies and use several features specific to the different platforms
Applanga can cover all of them.
Dynamic Content Localization
Localize iOS Xib & Storyboards
Localize Android Layouts & Fragments
Translate Unity UI & Textmeshes
Localize Placeholders & Variables
Apple iPad Air Translation Image
Server-side Content Localization
Translate Push Notifications
Translate Popups and Overlays
Webview Javascript Localization
Pluralisation Localization Support
Applanga supports all parts of your Android or iOS app translation as well as game localization for Unity and dynamic web content.

Localize File or API Based

If necessary, you can opt for classic file based app translation workflows or go the opposite way and do a deep custom integration into your app or game by utilizing our localization API

File Based

  • If your workflows need to rely on resource files
  • Works for Github (Beta)
  • Upload and download files via command line or build script
  • Reach out if you need help with your with scripts and file conversion

Rest API

  • If you need a custom technical integration
  • Works for websites and web apps
  • Upload and download via API - from or to a repository, build process or at runtime
  • Reach out to learn how the API can be utilized for your use case

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