The Innovative Translation Management Platform

After a simple integration, Applanga allows you to control the whole process of translating your app from within the web dashboard
Applanga Translation Management Editor

No More Files To Handle

Applanga syncs directly with the app whenever it is started - uploading untranslated strings and downloading new or updated translations

No Developer Involvement

Since the platform is directly connected with the app, there is neither any need to import or export files nor to make new builds

Independent Translation Releases

Apps integrated with Applanga download the latest translations directly to the user's phone. Release new languages or quick fixes anytime

Continuous Integration for App & Game Localization

Continuous Sync

Once integrated with Applanga, the content on the platform is always in sync with you your app - never miss a translation ever again

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Smart and Automatic Screenshots for iOS, Android, Unity

Smart Screenshots & Automated Capturing

Enable anyone in your team to capture and upload screenshots that mark each string’s position on the screen either from within the app or fully automated

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Every Translation Workflow Is Supported

Once integrated with Applanga, the content is always in sync with your app and ready to run through your individual localization workflow
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Inside Applanga

Use the powerful in-context editor and work with your own team directly within the dashboard

With Your Favored Partner

The xliff file format allows you to transport all content and meta data to your translation partner, who can use it in their translation tools

On-Demand Translations

With the click of a button, you can order translation which we source from our own network of specially trained professional translators

Localization Testing Automation

Localization Testing

Applanga is the only platform that offers a set of features that enable easy and fast ways to test translations - on-device and inside the browser

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Live Cloud Localization Updates

Over-the-air Delivery

Every time the app integrated with Applanga starts on the user’s phone, it will automatically download the latest translation updates - without appstore release

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Modular Live Translation Update SDK

Modularity and Integrations

While Applanga can be used to cover all steps of the localization workflow, you can decide to only pick particular features and integrate them with your existing setup

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