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Applanga is a modern, cloud-based translation management system for all of your software localization needs and especially for native mobile apps and games

Automated Screenshots For Localization UI Testing Integration

Content & Context Upload

After a quick and easy install, Applanga syncs directly with the app whenever it is started and pulls in everything you need to start with your translation workflow

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Translator and Team Management

Translation & Team Management

Easily keep track of your project status and control who is working on what at all times - all within the platform

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In Context Translation Editing

In-Context Editor

Translate inside the actual app user experience directly in the browser and with all the tools your translators need in one place

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Mobile Localization Testing

Localization Testing

Discover new fast and easy ways of translation testing and QA - on-device or in the browser, instantly and anytime

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Maintain Translations with Live Content Management

Delivery & Maintenance

Skip regular releases and push new translations directly to your users or simply fix translation errors and react to user feedback

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Native SDK for iOS, Android and Unity3D

Native Mobile SDKs

Instead of custom integrations, Applanga offers prepackaged connectors that are easily integrated into your iOS App, Android App and Unity Game to provide you with the full localization feature set right out of the box

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Codefree SDK Integration for Mobile Platforms

Without Any Upfront Development

The Applanga mobile SDKs sit on top of the regular platform localization methods for iOS, Android and Unity. Your app code does not need to be adapted

Mobile Localization Continous Integration

Continuous Upload

Once integrated, the SDKs will listen to any change of your localizable content and upload them to the platform automatically. Always be aware of what actually needs translation

Translator Screenshot Autmation with Meta Data

Automated Screenshot Capturing

Context is extremely important for quality translations but collecting it was always cumbersome. That’s over now! Simply capture Smart Screenshots of your whole app programmatically

String Id based Platform

String ID Based Platform

Communication between engineers and localization professional needs a common point of reference. Using the same string IDs on the platform as in your app code makes it easy for your team to collaborate

Mobile App Localization Workflow

Setup Translation Workflows That Suit Your Philosophy

Some projects are completely translated in-house, for some you want to invited external freelancers or suppliers and for others you simply need translation services as fast as possible - Applanga supports all of it

Team and Translator Management

User & Rights Management

You have full control at all times! Ensure that only the right users can make substantial changes and easily assign translators to your translation projects

Communicate with your Translators and LQA

Progress Tracking & Communication

Know how your project is progressing down to every single string. The dashboard gives you a clear overview and the possibility to leave comments and @mentions to coordinate with your team in context

Import and Export Xliff and Excel Localization Files

Work With Your Translation Vendor

Content can be exported and reimported into the dashboard with the click of a button as Xliff files including screenshots, comments and all other additional information

Your prefered translation partner will happily work with Xliff files and deliver their work back to you in the same format

Translation Services

Integrated Translation Services

While Applanga supports any kind of translation workflow, you can just as well order translations directly. A network of app translation specialist will handle your translation needs on demand and in time

Always Live and Connected Localizations

Connect To Other Tools

While Applanga can be the one-stop solution for all your app localization needs, it can play nice with your existing localization tool chain just as well. Pick and choose only those features from Applanga you need. Reach out to us if you want to explore possible integrations

Everything A Translator Needs

The browser-based online translation editor has all the tools and features needed to translate your app quickly and accurately. Without any training anyone can start translating the moment a string is added to your app code
Applanga TMS

Filters and Search

Drill down until you found the very specific set of strings you were looking for, like all strings which still need translations


See which strings were changed or added recently to evaluate the latest translations or get on overview of work still to be done


Change the state, block strings to exlude them from translation, apply transaltions from your memory for as many strings at once as you like

iOS, Android, Unity User Experience Translation

Translate Along The User Experience

The editor can be set to in-context mode, where translators can see the current, but also the previous and next screen of the app to understand your design, the user journey and get a feeling for how much space really is available

Upload Screenshot Automatically

Smart Screenshots

To enable the in-context mode, screenshots automatically captured through the Applanga SDKs carry a lot of additional information with them: which strings are displayed on them and the position of these strings

Mobile App Translation Memory

Translation Memory

Every translation conducted on the platform can be saved to a central memory which in turn can be applied whenever further translations are needed to minimize time and ensure consistency inside and across your apps

Mobile App Translation Glossary


Collect and manage the terms that are most important to you and your brand. Some terms should never be translated, some need more explanation while others should be completely avoided. The glossary is the place to handle them all

Mobile Translation Testing LQA

QA And Testing With Minimal Setup Time

While everybody agrees that localization testing is an important step of the progress, it often happens outside the localization tool chain and requires developer involvement. That’s where Applanga steps in and offers a series integrated LQA features

Live Localization Preview

On-Device Testing

Through the Applanga Draft Mode, translations can be pulled inside the app and tested immediately - even during the translation process. Strings don’t need to be integrated by a developer and everyone with a version of the app installed on their phone can access the Draft mode

Browser Based Mobile Cloud Localization

Browser-Based Testing

The same feature that automatically captures screenshot for translation context can be used to enable browser-based localization testing with minimal preparation time. Immediately after translations are added on Applanga, new screenshots can be pulled into the platform and the translation web-editor servers as the all-in-one testing interface

Translation Workflows for Mobile Games and Apps

Workflow & Communication

Tester from everywhere in the world can review content and leave their feedback and recommendation on the dashboard. Through comments and @mentions, testers, managers and developers can communicate to track and resolve issue together

Maintain Game and App Localizations

Incorporate Feedback

To close the loop after testing has been conducted, necessary changes can be incorporated directly from the editor interface. Approve or reject the recommendations of your testers and push them to your users instantly

Push Translations Live

Push Translations To Your Users

The localization process is often under a lot of time pressure, since it can only start after the development is finished but has to be done before release. Applanga takes this pressure away by delivering translated content to your users phone over-the-air without the need of an app store release at any time

Update Mobile App and Game Localizations Anytime

Independent Translation Releases

The SDKs inside your app connects to the Applanga cloud content distribution system every time the app starts to check for translation updates. If any new versions are detected, it will download the relevant languages, store them and make them available to the user at the same moment

Fix Translation Errors Live

Fix Translations Errors Anytime

Even rigorous testing processes can’t fully eradicate all errors but localization mistakes are often embarrassingly obvious for your users. While you previously had to wait for the next release cycle, you can now fix any mistake that slipped through the cracks by yourself from inside Applanga

Live String Delivery

Robust Delivery Infrastructure

Already today, Applanga delivers translations to millions of app users on a daily bases. The underlying cloud infrastructure is designed for high availability and scalability while all traffic is secured and encrypted

Offline Localization Cache

Internal Translation Storage

In the event, that your app on the user’s phone can’t access the internet, several fallback mechanism make sure the translations are also available offline

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