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iOS Localization with Applanga

Applanga is an innovative, cloud-based translation management system that can be easily integrated into your iOS app to streamline and automate your localization processes

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Native SDK for iOS, Android and Unity3D

Native SDK for Objective C and Swift

Applanga offers robust and versatile SDKs for your iOS apps - no matter which framework you chose to build your app with

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  • Objective-C
  • Swift
Storyboard and Xib Files

Automatic Localization for Storyboard and Xib Files

Apple offers you a range of ways to build an app’s layout. We’d made sure that our SDKs works just with any architecture

Integration in XCode via Carthage or CocoaPods

Easy Integration in XCode via Carthage or CocoaPods

We make handling our SDK as easy as possible by supporting the most common platforms for managing external libraries


Simplified Support for Pluralization

Working with plural rules can be more complex than expected, so we developed features that make it as straightforward as possible on code level

Translation Updates without Appstore Release

Translation Updates without Appstore Release

Whenever you publish new translations on the dashboard, they will downloaded, stored and made available to the user the next time the start the app

Automatic Upload of Strings in .string Files

Automatic Upload of Strings in .string Files

The SDK detects all content in .string files and uploads them to the dashboard - once in the beginning during integration and continuously whenever you add new strings thereafter

No Code Rewrite needed

No Code Rewrite needed

The Applanga iOS SDKs sit on top of the regular platform localization methods and work with all native NSLocalizedString method variants

.string file & Xcode xliff file format

.string file & Xcode xliff file format

In case it should be necessary for your workflow, we support the iOS native file formats. Imports and exports

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