Lunar Way: Prepared to Conquer Europe

Lunar Way: Prepared to Conquer Europe

As an innovative FinTech Company, Lunar Way sets out to change the way we bank. Without placing physical branches and sales people at the center of their business, Lunar Way has already gained the trust of thousands of users by focusing on seamless technology.

At Lunar Way, everything revolves around making the user’s life easier. But really, since people use their smartphones to book vacations, make friends and even find love, why would they not also supervise their finances? Lunar Way lets users receive notifications when their salary finally arrives and allows the app to pay bills all by itself by simply taking a picture of the invoice. These are just a few features that save both time and energy.

It seems quite obvious that such a solution is not solely beneficial to Danes, and by partnering up with national banks, the Danish startup isn’t bound by borders. Lunar Way is planning to target users all over Scandinavia by 2016 and to hit the European market by 2017.

Needless to say, a smooth process to create concise localized content is indispensable for this endeavor. As a fellow startup, Lunar Way was looking for reliable and affordable solution to manage international content and translate their app and website.

Being a rapidly growing business, Lunar Way knows how crucial it is to avoid unnecessary process-loops and thus save valuable time. Being quick and agile without risking mistakes that could potentially cause users to lose trust in the brand is a tightrope walk and only possible with a dedicated team and committed partners.

Finding the right solution
Lunar Way provides their users with a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices and – not surprisingly – also has a website with additional information. The content on all of these platforms has to be consistent at all times, which sets the real challenge for content management. It soon became clear to Lunar Way that a sophisticated solution was necessary to manage all their content in one place and produce integrated, error-free translations.

On his quest to find a solution, Kasper stumbled upon Applanga and tried the tool without further ado. Due to his background as an iOS Developer, he first focused on integrating the tool for the mobile content. “It was very easy to implement the Applanga SDK and get the tool up and running,” he says. Positively surprised by the initial success, Lunar Way decided to use Applanga for their website content as well. Using the Applanga API let Lunar Way ultimately manage their entire content with one single tool.

Outcomes and outlooks
Lunar Way has been using Applanga for almost half a year now and one of the main reasons to stick with the tool was the reliable delivery of new features as well as the good communication with Applanga’s tech support, according to Kasper.

When asked to compare the localization effort with Applanga to what it was before, Kasper estimates the process to be 10 times faster now. Soon, the localization scope will expand from the two languages currently available, which will make this effect even more relevant for business success. On the roadmap for Applanga’s cooperation with Lunar Way are additional features improving the usability of the dashboard as well as improvements to the API integration. Knowing the importance of flexibility and scalability in the startup environment, we at Applanga put great effort into staying on top of our game and providing exactly what our customers look for.

We are very excited for what is to come at Lunar Way and are looking forward to continuously improving our services. Let’s keep up the great work!