Hello. We are Applanga.

Our Vision

Applanga was founded with the goal to make the translation process free of any boundaries. Localization should not be a unwanted burden for developers. Instead we want that anyone on the product team can be able to update, test and improve translations at any time and is not bound to any app release cycles. We want that developers can spend their time with making great software and translators should get all the tools and context they need to deliver high quality translations in the fastest and best possible way. Applangas smart, in-context screenshots and live updates already changed how apps and games are translated and we want to improve on that to be the go-to platform for all software localization use cases. If there is any feature missing for your enterprise localization process then you can contact us at any time and we will add it to the platform.

In 2018, Applanga joined the TransPerfect family of companies, giving clients access to the resources and technology of the world’s largest language and technology solutions provider while still retaining the personalized service and technical expertise that our clients expect.

"A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality."
- John Carmack, CTO at Oculus VR

Applanga was founded by Christian Stanke and Steffen Römer and evolved out of a product that was originally planned as an A/B testing platform for mobile games. Steffen and Christian knew each other for several years and after working in the app and game industry they met, had a few drinks and thought about the toolchain they would want to have when starting their own imaginary game company. As a result of this thoughts they prototyped and developed an sdk that was able to exchange native app and game content while the app is live and running. The A/B testing use case never reached a bigger audience but after a short time people where amazed by the idea to use that technology to update and test localization content without the need of any developer involvement or appstore releases. And therefore in June 2015 Applanga was created and very quickly got its first customers. From this point on Applanga is constantly extending its features for translation and localization QA processes along the needs of our customers.

Applanga as of today is delivering over 4 million translation updates in over 150 languages every day and worldwide.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."
- Beverly Sills, Jewish American operatic soprano
Be a Part of our Journey

Applanga would not have been possible without the help of many awesome people if you want to join us check our jobs page or contact us directly.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
- Michael Jordan, professional basketball player, businessman, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets
Our Customers

Applanga is used by many amazing companies in a lot of different sectors from food delivery services, crm, travel industry apps, fintech up to game publishers and iot.

Johnson & Johnson - Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods

Hellofresh - Food Delivery

Intercom - Customer Relation Management Platform CRM

TUI - Traveling and Lifestyle

Axel Springer SE - News Publishing

Spilgames - Game Developer and Publisher

Lunarway - Fintech Mobile Banking

AstraZeneca - Research-Based BioPharmaceutical Company

Ferratum - Cleveres Banking

VHB - Van Berge Henegouwen

Schneider Electric - Digitale Transformation

EyeEm - Source Advertising photography